Sea transport


A full scope of logistics and transport services

Sea transport is appealing due to its relatively low cost and safety. Container ships can transport large volume cargo over long distances. Sea transport is especially recommended and used for intercontinental goods transport (Europe, North America, Asia).

Our offer comprise:

We offer full container loading (FCL) and less container loading (LCL).

Full Container Loadings FCL

We realise our import-export full container loadings (FCL) via Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin and other European ports, in cooperation with renowned sea lines.

LCL fine goods shipments

Less than Container Load (LCL) defines shipping fine cargo. In this case only a part of cargo space of a container is used, which allows for transporting goods belonging to several entities in one container.

Conventional transport

Transporting goods by sea in quantities or sizes exceeding the permitted norms for container
shipments. In practice it means cargo weights up to several thousand tones or shipments like i.e. generator with one element weighing several hundred tones. The goods are transported in cargo holds of ships.

Client satisfaction

Sea transport ? both full container and less container ? is one of the most economic types of transport for large volume and mass of the goods or quantity of cargo. We recommend it to those of our clients, who want to transport their goods to distant parts of the World.